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AAPP Membership
Application Form
ACTIVE: Must be a law enforcement polygraphist as defined in Article III. The applicant must have demonstrated proficiency in the administration of polygraph examinations.
INTERN: A Law Enforcement Polygraphists as defined in Article III, who has completed the classroom portion of an AAPP recognized school but has not completed an internship. No sooner than six months after successful completion of an AAPP recognized polygraph school and successful completion of a minimum of 50 polygraph exams, an Intern member may apply for Active membership by sending a letter to the AAPP Membership Chair. The letter must be signed by a supervisor or Polygraph School Director and confirm the applicant has successfully completed the required 50 exams and the six month requirement.
AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: Granted to persons who demonstrate a genuine interest in the polygraph profession.

AAPP Bylaws & Constitution
AAPP Constitution Document
American Association of Police Polygraphists Constitution.

AAPP Forensic Law Enforcement Examiner Certification
Application Form
Application for review and designation as Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Examiner

AAPP William "Buddy" Sentner Scholarship Awards
Application Form
The American Association of Police Polygraphists, Inc. sponsors an annual educational scholarship award to any deserving and qualified graduating high school senior or student currently attending college. Each applicant must qualify and complete the following application for eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

AAPP Membership Upgrade to Active Form
Update Listing in Directory Form
Intern Members use this form to update your directory listing to active status.

AAPP Membership Cancellation Advisement
Cancellation Form
Fill out and send to cancel your membership.

AAPP Update Directory Listing
Update Listing in Directory Form
Members use this form to update your directory listing information.

Seminar Registration Form
AAPP 2016 Seminar Registration
Members or Non-members select the online form to register for the 2016 AAPP seminar.